At Advanced Audiology, we know that hearing affects every aspect of your life. Hearing loss can cause you to miss out on so much, like hearing your grandchildren’s laugh, being able to participate in the family dinner conversations, and enjoying the sound of birds in your backyard.

Our audiologists offer full diagnostic evaluations to understand your unique type and degree of hearing loss. A hearing exam at Advanced Audiology is personalized to your needs. As a result, we can provide you with customized solutions that work for you and your lifestyle.

Our local audiologists were born and raised in the greater Lansing area. Dr Linda Wright and Dr. Jacklyn Miller are committed to finding you a solution that works for you so you can live life to the fullest.

We have two local offices: DeWitt and Haslett. Our knowledge and expertise allow you to get the very best hearing services in the greater Lansing, MI area. Learn why we are the best choice for your hearing services. Advanced Audiology – hearing starts here.

Our services include hearing evaluations, counseling on the results of your hearing exam, and recommendations for hearing solutions. Hearing aids are an effective option for many patients, but they are not a one-size-fits-all product! We help you select the right hearing aid, then guide you on proper care and maintenance. We can even modify hearing aids to get the best possible results. In addition, our staff assists with cleaning, repair, and regular maintenance of your hearing aid.

“Advanced Audiology has helped me regain the loss of my hearing. I highly recommend this office to help you, too.”

— Michael D. | Haslett, MI