Advanced Audiology provides more than just hearing aids. We offer professional hearing care, starting with a diagnostic hearing evaluation to understand your unique hearing needs. This includes hearing consultation, counseling, and ongoing guidance.

Our comprehensive hearing exams allow us to develop customized solutions that work for you and your lifestyle. First, we educate you on what you can expect during your initial appointment. Second, we recommend that spouses accompany our patients to their appointments. This makes the hearing assessments more comfortable, and it helps to have someone else there to provide and absorb information. Third, we clearly communicate our recommendations and help you every step of the way.

When we do recommend hearing aids as part of your hearing solution, we provide hearing aid fitting verification, programming, instruction and counseling. We also offer follow-up services like cleaning, maintenance and function checks.

What’s Important to You?

Before we can discuss hearing aids, take a moment to think about what’s important to you. What does your unique lifestyle entail? How easy do you want using your hearing aids to be? Do you have a specific price point? What accessories would you like to have?

What's Important to You?

Hearing Aid Technology Levels & Styles

There are many different types of hearing aid technology levels and styles. Understanding them will help you decide what will work best in your everyday life. Our audiologists will discuss these with you during your hearing exam.

If you believe you need hearing aids or are experiencing hearing loss, contact us at our DeWitt or Haslett office to schedule a full hearing evaluation or email Info@HearingStartsHere.com.

Ever since I’ve been coming here, I’ve really admired you and the difference this office has compared to others I have been to. Excellence is everywhere here.”

— Garret G. | St. Johns, MI