If you suspect your hearing has changed, try our online hearing test before getting a full evaluation! This self-screening test is only intended to provide you with a “first impression” of your hearing ability. Screening tests are not comprehensive diagnostic evaluations like those offered by Advanced Audiology and are not intended to take their place.

Untreated Hearing Loss

Almost 35 million people in the U.S. know their hearing has declined, yet half have never had their hearing professionally evaluated. Untreated hearing loss interferes with every aspect of a person’s life – both personally and professionally. When ignored and unaddressed, hearing loss can lead to impaired memory, difficulty in learning new tasks, reduced alertness, irritability, depression, fatigue and more. Simply put, when you ignore your hearing loss, you are putting your health and quality of life at risk.

Try this online hearing test from the comfort and privacy of your home to help you determine how serious your hearing loss is and if you need hearing loss treatment.  

Hearing Test Instructions

With respect to your hearing, please think about your experiences with each of the following without the use of hearing aids or other devices designed to help you hear better. For each item, indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree.

Upon completing the test and clicking “Send,” our Patient Care Coordinator will contact you shortly with the results. If you have any questions, please call us at our Dewitt or Haslett locations or email us at Info@HearingStartHere.com.

Personal care in a visually inviting space. I especially like that the doctors do the testing- and explain every nuance in an understandable way.”

— Lisa D. | Bath, MI